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Elkorus v3 end of production

fin de producción inglesAfter all the adventure of development , construction and distribution of the Élkorus we make official the end of production.


USA distribution by Perfect Circuit Audio

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We are glad to announce that the USA dealer list grow with Perfect Circuit Audio. USA customers can acquire the elkorus v3 units using the Perfect Circuit Audio service, and coming soon new Wutierson products.

From Wutierson we recommend to take a look the great catalog and services of Perfect Circuit Audio.

Available replacement for early Korg customs IC's

Now available replacements for Korg custom chips!
Good news for all owners and fans of the first Korg synthesizers : 700, 700S and 800DV!

Now available in the store Wutierson replacements for Korg Keio IC TS200011 for the VCO and Keio IC TS201012 for VCF.
Inside the old synthesizers we can find a pair of sealed modules at the VCO core and at the VCF "Traveler " which were manufactured by Korg exclusively for those models. The problem came years later when for some reason a module failed and could not get the same part , unless destroying other synthesizer that uses it.

Colin Fraser in 2010 did a great job making reverse engineering of each module , so at least, you could start to make a replacement with the right components, to avoid "sacrifice" of other old Korg synthesizers. Colin's work has been a big help to start making these replacement modules . We recommend to visit his website to learn more about their interesting work .

Now it will be much easier to repair one of those lovely synthesizers. Using Wutierson replacements you can avoid spend time with design/making dedicated PCB , avoid spend time looking for the parts, avoid spend time with select/match components to ensure an exact performance like the old IC's.

The replacements are ready to install, just unsolder the defect old IC, put and solder the new replacement and continue playing! saving much time in the repair work.

USA distribution by Analogue Haven


We are glad to announce that Analogue Haven will be dealer in USA and we start with the élkorus v3 distribution. 

Analogue Haven have a great name doing great work and good service in the USA. Now the USA customer who prefer avoid international purchases and wants to trade with local dealer can do the purchase with the reliabilty and the trust that demands.

From Wutierson we recommend to take a look the great catalog of wonderful instruments and sound devices that Analogue Haven brings to the USA community.

We hope that can be the start point of a large collaboration.

New samples: Moog Opus3

Now available at STRING MACHINE PROJECT the Moog Opus3 raw samples.

String Machine project

Since some time I have the idea of ​​collecting basic waveform audio samples of different string machines with chorus turned off, to sample it and obtain a precise emulation using an elkorus.



Introducing élkorus v3!

We have in our shop the new élkorus v3, you can buy the latest version of this great analog chorus.


It's moving!

manos-unidasThe journey begins with the Wutierson portal!

 After years of working via e-mail, forums, telephone and other means I have the pleasure to announce that the Wutierson site is ready.